Once upon a time

unfolding with every step

21 March 1981
Urban Fairytale

Vltavská is a Prague Metro Station, on the red line. In fact, when I lived there, it was my metro stop. And I am normally known as Veverka on Buffy Forums. However, that name was already taken over here at lj... damn people, stealing my name... so I found another one.

If you want to friend me, be my guest. If you want me to friend you back, I will happily do so, if it's immediately obvious where we know each other from. Otherwise, please leave a comment, so I can have some idea of who you are!

I'm all about camping, being happy, being a librarian, decorating, pretending to be artistic, at the moment planning a wedding and an epic cross continental honeymoon of awesome, and trying some kind of balancing act of technology and quiet time... sometimes I loathe the internet, and sometimes I adore it.

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