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Writer's Block: Taking it on the road

What was the longest road trip you ever went on? How did you pass the time?

I've been on a few road trips in my time.
General chatter and having a bunch of people and a variety of music, I think that must be the key.

From Bendigo to Forbes to see a friend... ridiculous seven or eight hours in a car... on a Friday, and then back the following Monday. We did that twice.

And once from Prague to Milan, via Switzerland... that was awesome. Myself, two Americans and a German.
And from Houston to New Orleans... One of the aforementioned Americans, her husband and a Ukrainian.

Funnily enough, a trip to fucking middle of nowhere outback Forbes doesn't come close to these other trips!

Oooohhh more trips (to places not Forbes) would be good!

Books and movies 2011

  1. The girl with the dragon tattoo. Stieg Larsson. (January)
  2. Midnight Alley. Rachel Caine. (January)
  3. The girl who played with fire. Stieg Larsson. (January)
  4. Feast of fools. Rachel Caine. (January)
  5. The girl who kicked the hornets' nest. Stieg Larsson. (February)
  6. Ape House. Sara Gruen. (February)
  7. Vampire Diaries. L Smith. (February)
  8. The Host (Stephanie Meyer). (March)
  9. The Help (Kathryn Stockett). (March)
  10. Awakened (PC Cast). (April)
  11. City of fallen angels (Cassandra Clare). (April)
  12. Dead Reckoning (Charlaine Harris) (May)
  13. Buffy season eight (May)
  14. Matched (Ally Condie) (June)
  15. Siberia (Nikolai Maslov) (June)
  16. Red Square Blues (Kim Traill) July
Currently reading:
  • Lord of misrule
  • Disconnected
  • Three cups of tea
  • American gods
  • The white tiger
  • Half of a yellow sun
  • Lord of misrule
  • Carpe corpus
  • Never let me go
  • The lost art of sleep
  • Game of thrones
  • River marked

  1. Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei. (The Edukators). (January)
  2. Harry Potter 7.5 (July)
  3. Innocent Saturday (August)
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Grey's anatomy
  • Hellcats
  • Smallville
  • True Blood
  • V (2009)
  • Vampire Diaries
  • The biggest loser
  • Masterchef
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